Inspiring History

The history of the area dates back to the very beginning of the twentieth century, to the foundation of the Pragovka’s automotive factory and its legendary Praga Brand. After World War I, the factory became a part of ČKD corporation, the largest engineering manufacturer in the country in those times, operating until 1989. E-Factory was the central part of the facility serving as an administration building for the whole operation.


Establishment of “Pražská továrna na automobily spol. s r.o.”, employing 30 workers. At this time, the
Czech automobile industry was only in its infancy, the number of cars in Prague was easily counted with
fingers of both hands. Two years later, in 1909, the car brand Praga was created, named after a Latin
expression of city Prague, to sound more international.

1911 - 1927

During the WWI. the factory supplied the Austro-Hungarian army and thanks to this cooperation, a
production capacity in these years had increased. After the war, Pragovka had managed to move quickly
to civilian car production and win over the competition. The new types of passenger cars had been
launched, thanks to which the factory had become a leading automaker. One of the most famous cars is,
for example, the Praga Baby, which had once earned its reputation as the most beautiful car in Europe.

1930 - 1939

Becoming the largest car manufacturer in Czechoslovakia producing brands such as Praga, Škoda and
Tatra, well known under the famous abbreviation ČKD, with over 3500 workers. In 1931–1933, Factory
was designed by Josef Kalous, used as a central warehouse of the Ministry of Post and Telegraphs.

1940 - 1949

Gradually, the production programme had expanded to trucks and off-road vehicles, motorcycles, tracked
tractors, artillery tractors, tanks, aircraft, engines and transmissions manufacture. Allied air raid on 25.3.
1945 virtually destroyed the entire plant. The buildings restored were refurbished and used by ČKD
Sokolov, which was later divided into a locomotive and compressors. After WWII, the Vysočany area was
briefly administered once again by post office.

1950 - 2004

E Factory became a part of Praga company raising the building by another frame structure, serving as a
control hall for the production of components manufactured within the plant. The building has been
preserved authentic and has been listed since 2003.

2009 - Present

Now this area is turning into a modern, dynamic district inspired by its industrial heritage. The former
factory hall has turned into a center of art, design and business professionals from various areas,
organizing commercial events, exhibitions, concerts and other cultural activities.